Welcome to National Educators for Restorative Practices!

Our mission at NEDRP is to train and support teachers with intentional GTKY (Get To Know You) strategies that proactively build and sustain relationships with students in a non-lesson-based approach. Our tools allow teachers and students to connect utilizing a structured, organized, timed activity in less than two minutes. Educators have pioneered our tools for educators. 

With that said, schools have to reimagine the modern-day classroom.  This reimagination of schools and classrooms is the perfect time to put relationships at the center of learning. We can rewrite our previous scripts as district and campus leaders. We can decisively put what we have been saying for years into action, and at last, recognize this is the right thing to do. Educational leaders now is the time! Your students, staff, and communities are counting on you to reimagine their classrooms by taking the premise of Connections Before Content literally; build your school on a rock of relationships, not the sands of initiatives, by joining us at www.rclfirst.com