June 25, 2020

Here is a reminder that too many schools are rushing to hand pick lesson-based curriculums to address many needs post-pandemic for their districts and campuses. Dont forget, school leaders, that it’s more crucial than ever to build your reimagined classrooms on a rock of relationships!


SEL, Trauma-Informed Practices, Restorative Practices, Culture and Diversity, Equity and Race Trainings all come packed for schools in lesson-based forms. You have to ask yourself, what methodology am I bringing back to my campuses that demonstrates and focuses the foundations of building and sustaining relationships that is NOT lesson-based?

Lesson-based curriculums are needed, but remember, they blend relationships, the don’t BUILD relationships.

How are YOU focusing on building relationships with students as they come back this fall? Will we be prepared to truly meet students’ needs without building that relationship first?

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